Bellelli – “A quantum leap in comfort and safety

Our motto is not just meaningless words – it is based on facts and true commitment by Bellelli, is a brand built on experience, safety and responsibility, a success story born from a true passion for excellence. A world leader, well-known for the design of child bicycle carriers and trailers, Bellelli’s company goals and mission have always been “top quality and distinction”. That is why Bellelli was the first Italian company to produce TUV-GS approved child bicycle carriers. Our on-going success is rooted in our values and built on extensive investment in R&D; a wonderful story now continuing with the Bellelli brand. Thanks to our experience, responsibility, enthusiasm and attention, our child bicycle carriers and trailers offer our young customers the best and safest products on the market. Advanced technology, quality, endurance, outstanding safety and highest comfort are our defining features blended with unique Italian elegance and design .

Our mission

We are dedicated to ensuring top quality service for all our customers by offering safe, environmentally friendly and innovatively designed products everyone can afford.
We aim at making a difference in the workplace by establishing a stable environment that fosters creative, independent, versatile people able to play an active part in today’s changing world without any loss of sensitivity or empathy for the problems of others.

Our philosophy

Focusing on our core values on which our reputation of 20 years is built, Bellelli is all about “children’s comfort and safety”. We are proud to say that all of our products are entirely manufactured in Italy thus ensuring total quality control. This results in excellent creations, rich in innovation, design and technology. Bellelli products are enhanced by the style of our designers and the ingenuity of our engineers.

Bellelli : a brand committed to safety, care, comfort and style. Our products have been carefully and responsibly designed with the young end-users in mind: they are the ones we care about, they are the ones who deserve utmost protection whilst enjoying a ride with Mom and Dad.
Bellelli: the manufacturer of the brand whose mission is commitment to cutting edge technology, quality, responsibility and safety standards. A Company proud of its 20-year long experience in avant-garde materials, unabated R&D, sophisticated technology and in-house crash test facility. Bellelli is also a leading member of European Safety Standards Committees such as CEN, ISO and UNECE and guarantees the best child bicycle carriers and trailers on the market.
Sendit Gear Inc. is the sole distributor of Bellelli products in North America. It is amongst the brightest examples of exceptional products we are committed to bringing to the market.


Our History

1994 – Bellelli was established over twenty years ago by Mr. Tiziano Bellelli, an entrepreneur who, at the time, already had 30 years of solid experience in plastic moulds and manufacturing of plastic products for FERRARI, MASERATI, FIAT and other prestigious industrial brands for whom “top quality is a must, with no room for compromise”. After 20 years, these values still embody the core of the Company’s mission. With the support of his life partner, Ms. Estella Pasquini, architect and designer by trade, he created a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of bicycle accessories for children. Since the beginning, the goal was to ensure that the company would be built on four solid pillars: (i) quality and durability of materials, (ii) well engineered and truly user friendly products, (iii) innovative design with new shapes, colors and packaging, (iv) affordable prices.

1995 – In just one year the Bellelli child bicycle carriers obtained the TUV-GS approval. An outstanding achievement for such a young venture because the prestigious European recognition was obtained in a very short period of time and Bellelli became the first Italian company in the child bicycle carrier industry to obtain the TUV-GS approval. First class quality at its best!

2002 – In only eight years Bellelli became an industry leader selling over 250,000 child bicycle carriers a year in 20 markets around the world.

2003 – Bellelli entered the baby car seat market. The same development path was followed: solid investments and significant resources devoted to innovative design, state-of-the-art quality materials, R&D and the recruitment of technical staff from other European countries where “children safety culture” had a longer and better established tradition.

2005- Bellelli moved to a new modern and highly sophisticated (100,000 square feet) site equipped with a privately owned dynamic crash-test facility. To-date, Bellelli is the only Italian company in this industry to own an in-house crash-test facility.

2012 – Bellelli opens North American operations in Montréal (Canada).