Standard Black

Standard High-Vis

SAHARA (Orange)

High- Visibility

All our child bicycle carriers are EN 14344 certified and:   

  • Offer higher backrest, therefore better holding the child
  • Provides more ergonomic seating space guaranteeing improved side containment
  • Larger feet protection, with no risk for the child feet to get in contact with the bike’s wheel
  • More severe testing on the chassis, both dynamic and static
  • Higher control of the raw materials ensuring their non-toxicity and their stability vis-à-vis the atmospheric agents (both cold and heat)
  • Enhanced testing on safety belts and buckles; the weight of the child and his movement, added to the speed of the bicycle, constantly stress the safety belts. Our safety belts cannot be operated (closed and opened) by the child
  • Have no sharp edges or protruding parts;
  • Ensure that there are no openings in the seating area at reach of the child’s hands, thus ensuring that his fingers can never get stuck under the seat
  • Are equipped with one of the safest and most user friendly anchoring systems on the market
  • Feature more complete information, on the box and on the user’s manual.
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