Certified non-toxic, removable and washable

soft padding on saddle and handlebar

Stickers set included. FDA approved non-toxic.


Reviewed by Protégez-Vous!

Made with certified non-toxic plastic, this safe, sturdy and lightweight pedal-free running bike is ideal for fulfilling your child’s desire to be active and independent. By using the B-BIP running bike the child will stimulate and develop his sense of balance, with dexterity and ease. The transition to a real bicycle will then be smooth and easy: thanks to a mastered balance, the training wheels will no longer be necessary. 100% made Italy!

  • Removable and washable soft padding on saddle and handlebar
  • Wide range of saddle height settings
  • Non-toxic certified plastic frame, lightweight, sturdy and easily washable
  • Synthetic anti-puncture tires; full rim to avoid finger traps
  • Stickers set included. The child will enjoy placing them on the toy, without any health risks: our stickers enjoy the non-toxicity certification.
  • Flush bolts to avoid scratches and injuries
  • Steering lock to prevent sudden turns on rough soils
  • Hand guards protection

UPC  Code and EAN :
Grey / Green :     01BBIP006BBY      8020092000902
Grey / Blue :        01BBIP0010BBY    8020092000919
Grey / Pink :        01BBIP0017ABBY  8020092000926
Grey / Orange :   01BBIP0011BBY    8020092005402