Safety is our DNA

In a MammaCangura carrier your child is safe and protected as in the womb. Children safety is central to our corporate mission: from an initial idea, throughout the entire development phase and all the way to the final drawings, our child bicycle carriers undergo severe tests which include materials, components and finished products. We strive for perfection in order to ensure that durability, reliability and safety are integral part of our products right from the start.

Safety research and testing

Before we bring a child bicycle carrier or trailer to market we put our products through extensive trials and tests. This on-going testing allows us to determine the most critical parameters in case of accident and provide our users with tangible solutions in order to improve children’s safety. Before giving the green light to the manufacturing process we check the resilience of a new design and materials: a fundamental step forward in the execution of the design and product development. Our team of experts then submits the certification request to the European standardisation bodies. This on-going quest for perfection is applied to all theMammaCangura products, based on our long lasting experience with the aim of offering absolute protection and safety to children. We believe your child deserves the best!

An active safety focused player and leader

Bellelli, the manufacturer of MammaCangura products, is a very active and well recognized member of CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation – European Committee for Standardisation). Within this committee, and for over 20 years, Bellelli has contributed to the drafting of the European standards for child bicycle carriers. CEN standards have been developed in order to improve child safety when carried on bicycles. Totally focused on the safety issue since our inception, we developed our child bicycle carriers in compliance with the CEN standards. We were amongst the first on the worldwide market to have a complete line of child bicycle carriers certified in accordance with the European standards. Bellelli is a member of two CEN Technical Committees: CEN TC 52 (Toy Safety) and CEN TC 252 (Products for children and their care).

CEN’s mission is to harmonize and publish technical standards called ENs; in Europe the CEN cooperates with national standardisation bodies and with ISO as well as with other international authorities. The CEN Standard applicable to child bicycle carriers is the EN 14344.

Bicycle child carriers certification

All our child bicycle carriers are EN 14344 certified and:

  • Are equipped with higher backrests, therefore supporting the child much better
  • Provide more ergonomic seating space guaranteeing improved side containment
  • Larger feet/legs protection, with no risk for the child feet to get in contact with the bike’s wheel
  • More severe dynamic and static testing on the chassis
  • Higher control of raw materials, thus ensuring their non-toxicity and their stability vis-à-vis the atmospheric agents (both cold and heat)
  • Enhanced testing on safety belts and buckles; the weight of the child and his movement, added to the speed of the bicycle, constantly stress the safety belts. The buckle of our safety belts cannot be operated (closed and opened) by the child
  • No sharp edges or protruding parts are allowed
  • Ensure that there are no openings in the seating area, thus ensuring that the child’s fingers or hands can never get stuck under the seat
  • Are equipped with one of the safest and most user friendly anchoring systems on the market
  • Feature more complete information, on the packaging as well as on the user’s manual.